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A trademark can be only such a mark that is graphically represented, with the condition that this mark has the ability to distinguish the products and services of one entity from those of another entity in the market. A trademark can further be made use of by means of license agreements.

Validity period

A trademark is valid for 10 years from the date on which the application form is submitted to the Industrial Property Office. The period validity can be illimitably extended for 10 additional years.

Necessary documents

Registration process

The trademark registration application form is submitted to the Industrial Property Office (IPO), which performs a formal analysis in order to ascertain that the application contains all the legal essentials. The IPO afterwards also performs a factual analysis, making sure that the subject of the application is eligible for registration. A trademark is deemed ineligible for registration if it is, for example, identical to a previously registered trademark, generic and descriptive, deceptive and mendacious, etc. The administration charge must be paid simultaneously with submission of the application.

Upon registration, the trademark owner acquires the exclusive right to use the trademark on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Protection abroad

National registration

When registering a trademark in up to three countries, the best way is to register the trademark directly in those countries through their respective patent offices.

EU Community Trademark

If the trademark owner wishes to register his/her trademark in EU member countries, this can be advantageously done with a single registration by means of the EU Community Trademark.

International Registration

When registering a trademark in more than three countries, it is economically advantageous to gain protection by means of a single registration through the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks.